The Marenzio Online Digital Edition (MODE)


The Marenzio Online Digital Edition is part of the Marenzio Project. MODE aims at making available for the first time, and online, a complete critical edition of the secular music of  Luca Marenzio (ca. 1553-1599), one of the most important composers of the European Renaissance.  Since 2005, MODE’s international research group has been working not only at providing a reliable edition of Marenzio’s music but also at changing the landscape of music editions. By innovatively integrating music philology and digital technology, MODE introduces a new model for both generating and disseminating modern editions of musical repertories of the Western tradition.

A new software application for the optical recognition, superimposition, and collation of early music prints—Aruspix, developed by MODE’s co-director Laurent Pugin in conjunction with the Marenzio Project—allows editors to produce a more accurate version of a composition than in the past and, most importantly, to enormously speed up the editing process. The improved analysis of variants made possible by these new tools also advances our understanding of the world of early modern printing. Please see the two demo movies (scroll down).

Finally, a new dynamic web-based digital interface, part of the Aruspix software suite, offers users the flexibility well known to other humanities digital editions, but thus far unavailable to music (see demo movie)

MODE makes Marenzio’s music easily available on the world wide web to musicians and scholars. By dramatically changing the editing process, it pioneers the future in music editions.