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Sources used for collation: AnGa-1594; AnGa-1603; Ma-Ga-1614

Other sources: Ka-1601; Ph-1609; Ph-heirs-1632; Latin sacred contrafactum (Filia summi regis) in 1616-8

Measures Sources – Voices Variants
77 Ma-Ga-1614 – B

second M e2 instead of c2

79 Ma-Ga-1614 – B

first c2 M instead of SM

Ma-Ga-1614 – second M e2 instead of c2
Ma-Ga-1614 – first c2 M instead of SM
Lines Sources – Voices Variants

Ma-Ga-1614 – C3

mia is missing before the repetition sign

Ma-Ga-1614 – C2

mia is missing before the repetition sign (Ma-Ga-1614 – C3 )
fred' (Ma-Ga-1614 – C2 )

Edition and commentary

Mentre qual viva pietra

Madrigal: aBBACCdDEE

Mentre qual viva pietraWhile as a living stone
Verso per gl’occhi miei lagrime mille,I shed from my eyes a thousand tears,
Sperando nel mio sen l’alte favillehoping to extinguish in my breast
Spegner d’una ver me gelata pietra,the high sparks of a stone which is icy to me,
Sento che l’alma mia gridando dice:I hear my soul crying out:
“In queste fiamme sol viv’io felice”.“In such flames alone do I live happily”.
Tal che, liet’e giocondo,So that, happy and joyous, I answer:
“Sia dunqu’il foco eterno!” le rispondo;“Let there be eternal fire!”
E così d’una pietra fredd’e vivaAnd thus from a cold and living stone
Esce la fiamma che ’l mio cor aviva.comes the flame that vivifies my heart.

English translations of madrigal texts based with permission on those by Kathryn Bosi, The complete five voice madrigals: for mixed voices / IV, The sixth and seventh books. New York: Gaudia Music and Arts, 1996.