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Sources used for collation: AnGa-1594; AnGa-1603; Ma-Ga-1614

Other sources: Ka-1601; Ph-1609; Ph-heirs-1632

Lines Sources – Voices Variants

AnGa-1603 – all voices


AnGa-1603 – C2T2Q1

vit'al (AnGa-1603 – all voices)
immortalment'il (AnGa-1603 – C2T2Q1 )

Edition and commentary

Ah, dolente partita

Battista Guarini, Il pastor fido, III, 3, 498–505

Madrigal: aaBcddeE

Ah, dolente partita!Ah, sorrowful parting!
Ah, fin de la mia vita!Ah, end of my life!
Da te parto e non moro? Pur i’ provoI leave you, and how I do not dye? Yet I undergo
La pena de la mortethe suffering of death
E sento nel partireand I feel in leaving
Un vivace morire,an animated death
Che dà vita al dolorethat gives life to pain
Per far che moia immortalmente il core.so that the heart will die immortally.

English translations of madrigal texts based with permission on those by Kathryn Bosi, The complete five voice madrigals: for mixed voices / IV, The sixth and seventh books. New York: Gaudia Music and Arts, 1996.

Contemporary editions

Battista Guarini, Il pastor fido, tragicommedia pastorale, Venice: G.B. Ciotti, 1602, 163.


The 1602 edition of Il pastor fido has “E pur i’ provo” at line 3. ON the problem of variants and adaptations in Marenzio’s settings from Il pastor fido, see Cecchi, “List of Secular and Devotional Compositions by Luca Marenzio,” 490, n. XLVI, and the literature quoted there.