About the Marenzio Project

The Marenzio Project is an umbrella term that encompasses a variety of activities such as publications, conferences, and seminars devoted to Luca Marenzio (ca. 1553-1599), one of the most important composers of the European Renaissance. The Project's more visible incarnation is the Marenzio Online Digital Edition (MODE) which aims at making available for the first time, and online, a complete critical edition of Marenzio's secular music. Please go to the website of MODE for further information and/or contact Prof. Mauro Calcagno at mauroca@sas.upenn.edu. Thanks.

Editorial Board of MODE

The Editorial Board of MODE consists of nine specialists in various disciplines: philology and critical editing (concerning both musical and poetic sources), computer science, technologies and history of printing, music theory, and early modern music history.

Celebrated by his contemporaries and admired across Europe, Marenzio (ca. 1553-1599) was perhaps the most important composer of madrigals and canzonettas of the late Renaissance. His reputation was unrivaled and his output had a great impact on early modern European culture. His music contributed to the dissemination of the works of poets such as Petrarch, Tasso, and Guarini throughout Europe, thanks to a series of commercially successful publications of madrigals and canzonettas issued by publishers in Venice, Rome, Antwerp, Nuremberg, and Paris.

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